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Cards for Every Occasion

Silly, hopefully funny, and most definitely out of the ordinary – come in and explore our World of daft cards.They’re not for the faint hearted and will mark any occasion in a memorable fashion!

Silly, Funny, Birthday Badges

Remind people how OLD they are by pinning it on their attire!

Our silly range of 58mm badges are the perfect way to commemorate any birthday!

Say it with ceramic…

What better gift could you send than an aid to enjoy a lifetime of brews accompanied by a little giggle?

From pet lovers and sports enthusiasts, to those with facial hair, or that you would like to send a little insult to – we’ve got it covered!

Latest products…

We add new designs as frequently as we think of them – and we’re always thinking of them! It was seem as though we’re crazy… and that’s because we are (in a good way of course).

You can imagine what the office is like, we would invite you to visit but you would probably never leave ever again and we are getting quite crowded now.


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